DD Waiver Information

What can I do to get someone on the DD (Developmental Disabilities) Waiver waiting list?

New River Valley Community Services is the local agency that can help you get on the Developmental Disabilities waiting list.  Call 540-961-8300 for more information. A DD Waiver Support Coordinator/Case Manager will then assist with determining an individual’s eligibility and enrollment process. An assessment for active case management needs will also be made, as well as referrals to any other services that an individual may qualify for.

Need help understanding the maze of Medicaid services in Virginia?

We are happy to help with any questions you have, whether you are a person with developmental disabilities, parent, support person, teacher, or health professional. Email us at The Arc of Virginia is another excellent resource. Lucy Cantrell, their Director of Information and Referral, is a wealth of knowledgeable about Virginia state DD services, the Medicaid system, and is a longtime DD advocate. Call (804) 649-8481 ext. 104 or email her at

DD Waiver Resources

New River Valley Community Services
700 University City Boulevard
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Phone: 540-961-8300
Fax: 540-961-8465

The Arc of Virginia
2147 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: (804) 649-8481
Toll free: (888)-604-2677


The Arc

The Arc of Virginia  – Visit website
The Arc of the United States – Visit website

Service Providers

Virginia Tech Autism Clinic – Visit website
At Home Your Way – Visit website
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Center, Inc – Visit website
Strengthening Our System, LLC (SOS) – Visit website
Wall Residences – Visit website

Translation Resources

Spanish – English DD Glossary – thoughtfully interpreted
for greatest relevance and accuracy.

Community Services

TASH – Visit website
Parent Resource Center, Montgomery County Public Schools – Visit website
IDA of the New River Valley – Visit website
Special Olympics of Virginia – Visit website
Virginia Association of Community Service Boards (CSB) – Visit website
Best Buddies – Visit website

Special Needs Financial Planning and Guardianship

Ann Green, Attorney at Law at Anderson, Desimone & Green, PC – Visit website
Bettye Ackerman, Attorney at Law – Visit website

Advocacy & Self-Advocacy

Tips for Telling Your Story, Tips for Letter Writing, Visiting Your Legislator

Tips for Letter Writing

  • Address envelope to “The Honorable Delegate/Senator (name)”
  • Address letter to “Delegate/Senator”
  • Be concise
  • Let your legislator know you appreciate his/her efforts
  • Briefly explain your situation. See Tips for Telling Your Story (below) for ideas
  • Ask to meet or speak with him/her over the phone if a meeting is not possible
  • If you have not had a response within two weeks, call to follow-up

We have been told it makes a big difference when a legislator receives personalized, traditional letters from at least eight different constituents. Help us strengthen our voice.  Ask nearby friends/family to join you in a letter writing campaign!

Visit Your Legislator

  • Contact the office of the Delegate/Senator beforehand to make an appointment
  • Consider inviting the legislator to visit you at your home
  • Bring copies of your personal story and a picture
  • Prepare an “elevator speech”. If you had only 90 seconds to get your point across, what would you say?
  • Contact The Arc of Virginia for materials, assistance and advice on meeting your legislator
  • Send a thank-you note afterwards

Tips for Telling Your Story

  • If you are on a wait list, how would services help you?
  • What are your dreams, hopes and goals? What support do you need to make these happen?
  • Have you lived in an institution? What was that like? How is life different now?
Family Members
  • What support services does your family member need to live A Life Like Yours?
  • How would cuts to services affect you?
  • Are you on a Medicaid Waiver wait list? How would Wavier services help you? What is life like for your family? How long have you been waiting?
  • Would you ever “choose” an institution for your family member?
  • Why is it important to provide community-based services in lieu of institutionalization?
  • What services do you provide? How do they help people with I/DD live A Life Like Yours?
  • How would the people you support be affected by cuts to services?
Friends and Concerned Citizens
  • Why do you feel compelled to speak out for people with developmental disabilities?
  • As a constituent, why is your legislator’s support of people with I/DD important to you?
  • Why is it important to provide community-based services to prevent institutionalization?
  • As a taxpayer, how is investing in institutional models of care (which are known to be more expensive than community-based care) an ineffective/inefficient use of state dollars

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